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Cellarstone Cast Stone Wine Cellar Cellarstone, True Elegance...Cast in Stone.

Announcing... Cellarstone

Since the advent of winemaking millennia ago, people have stored wine in stone caves, due to its natural ability to consistently maintain a cool temperature. With this as our inspiration, Apex Wine Cellars is proud to announce Cellarstone by Apex, a new premium line of cast stone wine racking and architectural elements for our premium wine cellars. Cellarstone by Apex will marry the beauty and functionality of cast stone with the warmth of wood racking.

Cast Stone as a Wine Cellar Material

A Cellarstone by Apex wine cellar mimics the caves that were the original wine cellars. Once the stone cools to 55 degrees, it re-radiates the cold, maintaining a constant temperature for your wine collection. Inspired by the stone artisans of old, we created Cellarstone by Apex as a modern stone material that is versatile, beautiful and strong.

Custom Capabilities

The Apex design team can add custom Cellarstone elements to any cellar design. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it. Talk to your local Apex sales representative today about your design ideas.

  • Counter tops
  • Table tops
  • Base moldings
  • Columns
  • Capitals
  • Corbels
  • Crests
  • Crown moldings
  • Custom colors and
  • Faux finishes
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